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About Us

Do you love to eat tasty, hygenic Food?
Or you're a wonderful cook yourself and would like to Register as a Chef or Buy exclusive Kitchen Accessories ?

Then you've come to the right place. 

YourChef is created by people who are Passionate about Food & Cooking,to meet your Food & Kitchen needs !

We have THREE main businesses




More About Home Made Food

Our home made food is hygienically prepared by Local Chefs in your area & currently available only for our customers in Overijse, La Hulpe, Rixensart, Rosières, Wavre, Bierges and Limal. We do encourage customers from other locations to Order & Pick-up up food from our Chefs based in Overijse and Brussels. Our chefs undergo a pre-defined selection process before they become part of YourChef. We are in the process of adding new chefs to offer you Delicious Cuisines from Around the World. 

More About Kitchen Accessories

We provide a select range Good Quality hand picked range of Kitchen Accessories, Our product range is unique and not easily available in stores. Due to our fine tuned business model, and excellent supplier relationships, we are in a position to offer you our products at prices lower than typical Retail Prices.

More About BIO Disposables*

YourChef provides a wide range of environmentally friendly BIO Disposable Kitchenware, which are a great alternative to traditional Plates, Bowls, Forks, Spoons and Containers. They are Microwave safe too.

Our products are made from BIO degradable Palm Tree Leaf and are ideal for your parties.

If you're a Restaurant Owner or Caterer you will be pleased to use our BIO degradable containers which are ideal for packing Takeaways and Home Deliveries.

Great care is taken to create each our product to ensure a high level of Quality ! Since our products are made from natural Palm Tree leaf, there could some deformities. But these do not impact the usage of the product in any way.

*Currently only available for bulk orders. For more info. drop us a mail to



Your regular restaurant round the corner offers the same dishes & you might be tired of eating the same food each time.  

We understand your pain !

Why not relax at home with a glass of wine and try out a new cuisine or dish from YourChef.  At YourChef you can Relish a wide range of Cuisines, prepared Hygenically, by Local Chefs in your area. 

Current Locations: Wavre, Overijse,La Hulpe, Limal & Rixensart 


Don't worry if we're not yet in your Area.

We are launching our Food Ordering service soon in your area.

Kitchen Accessories

Good kitchen accessories at a decent price are not easy to find. We got you covered. You can find them at YourChef, and get them delivered the same week*

*Only In Europe

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