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In case you have any questions about the ordering procedure or are blocked at any stage during Online ordering, you can contact us via Whatsapp, by clicking on the Whatsapp icon on our website. You can also call us on 0485 46 75 48

We will be happy to help you !


a) Online ( See ONLINE ORDERING GUIDE below for the procedure ) 

b) Whatsapp or Call : 0485 46 75 48 

c) Email : 

For delivery to your Office, we prefer that you order and pay online. You can also pay by Cash at the time of delivery of your order or via your Banking App. If you use Cash as the payment option for Office delivery, please make sure that you are present to collect your order. If you can't be present to collect your order, you need to organise the payment through your colleage or office reception or office security personnel.


1) Visit and select your language

2) Click on 'Order'

3) MENU SELECTION - Make sure you select the correct Menu

OFFICE ORDERS (Delivery)  -For online Office Orders select "OFFICE LUNCH MENU" and the subsection, for example: "INDIAN CHICKEN"

HOME ORDERS (Takeaway)  - For online Home Orders select "English - Menu of the week" and the subsection, for example: "INDIAN CHICKEN"

4) Click on the dish you would like to order, for example: Mughlai Curry Chicken


 5) Select the dish size, "Normal" or "Large" and click on 'ADD TO MY ORDER' ( Dish size options are only available for office orders ) 

6) a) Click on 'Special requests' if necessary and specify it. For example: I prefer less spicy

b) Click on 'For Specific time' to select the date and time of delivery/takeaway
c) Select the delivery/takeaway date and specify the time 11:00 AM in 'Set Time'
d) Click on 'ORDER NOW'

7) Enter your address and click on 'CONTINUE'.

8) Enter your Name, Contact number, Email and click 'CONTINUE'

9) Select your payment method. For office deliveries, card payment is mandatory
10) If you pay by card, click on "Card" and enter the details of your card and click on "CONTINUE". We accept Visa and Cash payments at the moment. 

11) Check your order and contact details and click on 'CONFIRM ORDER'. If you want to change your order or contact information, click on 'BACK TO PAYMENT'


1.You will receive an email confirming your order. Once you place your order, cancellation is no longer possible.

2. Office deliveries are scheduled between 10h and 14h, unless we have communicated another timeslot for your Office. eg: 12h to 14h

3. Your order will be delivered in containers that you can heat in the microwave. Heating instructions will be provided

4. Currently, we only deliver to offices in the morning. Home delivery is possible between 14h and 16h (from order value of 50 Euros in Overijse, Wavre, La Hulpe and Rixensart. Delivery charge 3,00 Eur)

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