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  • I am unable to order from your website or don't know how to order. What should I do ?
    In case you have any questions about the ordering procedure or are blocked at any stage during Online ordering, you can contact us via Whatsapp, by clicking on the Whatsapp icon on our website. You can also call us on 0485 46 75 48 ​ We will be happy to help you !
  • What are the payment options available ?
    OFFICE ORDERS Currently you can either pay by Visa credit card, Banking app/PayConiq or Online Transfer. Payment needs to made at the time of ordering. HOME ORDERS You can either pay by Visa credit card, Banking app/PayConiq or Online Transfer at the time of ordering. Cash payment or via Banking app. is also possible at the time of pick-up.
  • I changed my mind. Can I cancel my order ?
    Once you place your order, cancellation is no longer possible. Payment made will not be refunded, since we would have already started to work on your order.
  • I would like to order some of my favourite dishes, but can't find it on your menu. Is it possible for you to add it in the menu in future ? "
    We list the most popular dishes on our menu. However you can request your favourite dishes, by dropping us a mail or via whatsapp. We will try our best to add them in future, if there is sufficient demand for the same.
  • I placed an Office Order for the next day, but will be in a meeting when you deliver. What should I do ? "
    We deliver all the orders of your office to your Office Receptionist. If there is a common reception for your building, then you can collect it from there at your convenience.
  • I missed the 1300 hrs deadline for my Office Order for the next day. What should I do ?
    In case you missed the deadline, you can send us your order by Whatsapp by 1330 hrs latest. You can also send us your orders for the whole week or month in advance, by email. We will accordingly deliver your food on the specific days. All payments need to be made in advance, to ensure you get the food on the specified dates.
  • I find the items I would like to order are Out of Stock on your website. What should I do if I want to order it ?
    If its sold out unfortunately you will not be able to order it. You can order it on another day of the week when the stock is available. To avoid Out of stock issues, please order at the earliest possible.
  • Could you deliver to my office ?
    We can certainly deliver to your office if its within our delivery radius. Please send us your office address and your contact information by email or whatsapp and we will contact you.
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